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so, who the heck are we?

NovelSharp is what happens when a professional editor and a professional graphic design artist share the same office.



Holly Atkinson

Holly Atkinson is the Director of Author Services and senior developmental editor at NovelSharp. She has extensive experience working in publishing, having started as a line editor in 2010. She was hired at Samhain Publishing as an acquiring developmental editor in 2012, where she remained until the company closed. In 2016, she began freelancing, intending to take on just enough to keep her busy, as she also works full-time for ADsmith Marketing & Advertising. With some creative brainstorming, as well as discussing other service needs among her author clients, NovelSharp was born.

Shannon Perryman

Shannon Perryman has been in design his entire professional adult life. Aside from being an ADDY Award Winning designer, Shannon is an active cosplayer and Comi-Con attendee, through which he has gotten to meet some pretty cool people. He began designing book covers for Rosalie Stanton, and has since had way too much fun coming up with premade cover art. And when he designs your covers, you can genuinely say that you had your art commissioned by a motherfreaking wizard.

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